The purpose of the athletic program at Hinesburg Community School, is to encourage personal growth in a team setting. It is our goal to enhance teamwork, self confidence, respect and belonging by fostering a learning environment.  

Participation, and competition level are different on the A and B teams. The A team is a program for more experienced and more highly skilled players in a more competitive setting. The focus of the B team is instructional and geared towards the developing player. Opportunities to develop skills, learn game concepts, and teamwork are emphasized on both A and B teams.

Team placements are made to provide the athlete with the most developmentally appropriate experience. Although all players can expect to participate in every contest, playing time is at the discretion of the coach. Concerns about playing time should be directed to the Athletic Director or the coach at an appropriate time (i.e. the day after the game). No complaints should be made directly to the coach immediately following (or on the same day as) the game. Tempers sometimes need to cool in order for such conversations to be productive.

For both the A and B teams, an equal balance of learning, winning, sportsmanship and development of the whole player is emphasized.

It is important to note that players who are consistently late to or absent from practices (or whose behavior negatively impacts their ability or others ability to be fully engaged in practice) may expect to have less playing time in contests than their teammates. Again, this is at the discretion of the coaching staff. Player should email their coach if they know the will need to miss a game or practice.

Athletic Offerings:


  • Boys Soccer (A and B teams)

  • Girls Soccer (A and B teams)

  • Cross Country (Boys and Girls)


  • Boys Basketball (A and B teams)

  • Girls Basketball (A and B teams)


  • Boys baseball

  • Girls softball


 Families must complete the Family Permission Form for HCS Athletics prior to the start of tryouts. Forms are available in the main office or online under the athletics tab.    

PRELIMINARY: The coach will provide this Handout for each player on the first day of tryouts. Families are expected to review this information. Any questions or concerns please contact the Athletic Director. (Kate Myhre 482-6211 or

OBJECTIVE: The objective of tryouts is to give each 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade player as much opportunity as possible to perform at his or her highest level of performance and to give each player a fair chance to compete equally for a position on the A team. Depending on the number of students who wish to play, there may be an opportunity for 5th grade students to participate. In cases where there is a high level of student interest in participation, preference will be given based on grade (i.e. older students will take priority). This is both because our philosophy emphasizes player development and teamwork over winning and because 5th and 6th graders have access to sporting opportunities through the Hinesburg Recreation Department.

  1. Each athlete may choose to try out for the A team or to participate on the B team. Every effort will be made to accommodate all interested participants on the B team level.

  2. In determining which athletes will participate on the A team, coaches will look for the following: skill level, knowledge of the game, attitude and teamwork.

  3. The Coaches or Athletic Director will manage tryouts.

Team Selection:

 Coaches will determine team members based on attitude, knowledge of the game, skill level, grade and teamwork.

  1. Players will be notified by letter or in person of coaches’ decisions regarding selection.

  2. The Coaches and Athletic Director will make team selections. The Athletic Director will help in “close-call” decisions.

  3. The Athletic Director will approve final team rosters.


All students participating in interscholastic teams at Hinesburg Community School are expected to display good sportsmanship and to act responsibly as representatives of the school and community. Students who fail to meet Hinesburg Community School’s Behavior Expectations will be referred to the discipline procedures as outlined in the family handbook.


Parents are responsible for picking up their child(ren) after practices and home games, or for making arrangements for their child to ride the 4:15 pm after-school activities bus. Transportation to and from away games will be available based on ridership by HCS transportation. Please check with the coach for information around when the away bus will arrive back at Hinesburg Community School.

Addresses for away locations are available on the HCS Athletics Website under “Directions to Athletic Events”  

Schedule Changes:

 Unexpected schedule changes may arise during a sports season due to weather concerns or other unplanned events. The athletic director and/or Coaches will try to notify parents ASAP by the email provided to the school. Schedule changes will also be posted on the Hinesburg Community School Homepage under the daily announcements. Regular schedule for tryouts and games will be maintained on the HCS School Calendar. This calendar can be found on the HCS homepage.             


Hinesburg Community School provides uniforms for each student athlete. A uniform includes a shirt and shorts or pants. When available, socks for soccer, baseball and softball may be provided.  Uniforms are assigned at the beginning of the season by the coach. Families are responsible for returning the complete uniform, washed, at the end of a season. Other equipment needed (gloves, shoes, etc) is the responsibility of the family.   


Last Modified on July 29, 2016