CSSU Math Programs

Kindergarten - Grade 5:  Bridges

Grades 6 - 8:  Connected Math Project (CMP)  For Teachers/ParentsHere are some sites with activities aligned to the CMP curriculum:
  • Shodor - national resource for computational science education
  • Grade 6:  Prime Time, Bits & Pieces I, Shapes & Designs, Bits & Pieces II, Covering and Surrounding, Bits & Pieces III, How Likely Is it?, Data About Us, Variables & Patterns
  • Grade 7:  Stretching & Shrinking, Comparing & Scaling, Accentuate the Negative, Moving Straight Ahead, Filling & Wrapping, What Do You Expect?, Data Distributions
  • Grade 8: Thinking with Mathematical Models, Looking For Pythagoras, Growing Growing Growing, Frogs Fleas &Painted Cubes, Kaleidoscopes Hubcaps & Mirrors, Say It With Symbols, The Shapes of Algebra, Samples & Populations
Grades 7 and up:  Discovering Algebra (1st edition) -- Algebra text used at CVU and some of our middle schools.  Dynamic explorations, condensed lessons, extra practice, calculator notes, parent guide, related links.
Grades 9-12: See the CVU course offering booklet.



Last Modified on February 18, 2013