Staff Directory

Whom do I call?
Classroom teachers are a wealth of information and probably know you and your child best, so they are the best place to start. 
Guidance Counselors – family questions, family changes, friendships, succeeding at school
Director of Transportation, Ken Martin – bus route questions
WCS: Planning Room, Joe Carr or Nadine Paffett-Lugassy– behavior issues – school & bus
ABS: BeeHive, Shari Carr – behavior issues – school & bus
Building Use Coordinator, June Simmons – to schedule use of school space
Food Service Program, Scott Wagner – questions, suggestions, concerns
Campus Leaders – questions concerning programs within each school – ABS John Terko, WCS Jackie Parks
District Principal, Greg Marino – questions which deal with the operations of the district in general

Please check the School Handbook for additional names and departments.
The main telephone line for WCS and ABS is 878-2762
Email the WSD Schoolboard at
Other questions and concerns may be directed to