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     - Appropriate for beginning researchers in Lower Houses
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        - Databases with texts designed for beginning researchers
       - Spoken-word audio
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     - Cultural information about each state, the Canadian provinces and territories, and more than 200 countries. 
     - Also contains a "Kids edition", giving a kid's-eye view of daily life in countries around the world.
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       - 97 TRUE books from Scholastic
      For use outside of WCS, ask your librarian for the username and password, and click below....
  •      Social Studies - middle school
   Please use this link when you are outside of school.....
     http://freedomflix.digital.scholastic.com (you'll need the new username & password)
     Biographies, Biographies, Biographies!
     - Magazine articles appropriate for grades 3 and up.
     - Contains an animal encyclopedia
- Offers a choice of three electronic encyclopedias
Ø     Encyclopedia Americana
        - most detailed and highest reading level of the three
Ø     Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Ø     The New Book of Knowledge
        - most basic of the three
PLUS The New Book of Popular Science 
         - a science reference source for WCS middle school students
- Most articles include links to magazine articles and web sites
- Bibliography format included at end of articles
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ABC Clio
   - American history database
   - American government database
   - Appropriate for most middle schoolers
    - Full text of over 3000 magazines and newspapers
    - Middle school students should start with Junior Edition
    - Includes biography database too!
    - Lower House students should begin with Kids Infobits (see below)
    - Great for adults too!

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   American history, world history, ancient history, science, and more are indexed in this one database.
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        ImageQuest -    ...millions of great images.
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