Staff Roles and Responsibilities


    District Leaders (SU Administrator)

    · Give directive for implementation of RtI K-8

    · Expect improved outcomes for all students

    · Support effective practices and expect accountability for all student progress

    · Provide tangible support for the effort

    o Training/coaching

    o Technology: data for screening process, monitoring and instruction

    o Meetings – Facilitate and coordinate meetings as needed

    o Handbook/website as resource and support for teachers

    Building Principal

    · Set expectations for what should be happening with RtI

    · Set a vision for the problem-solving process (Kid talk/EST/WRAPS/Special Ed Plan) - Which students get intervention and for how long?

    · Ensure the use of data-based decision making

    · Ensure implementation process for RtI (screening, tiered instruction, progress monitoring and follow-up)

    · Ensure fidelity of program instruction

    · Responsible for on-going professional development

    · Evaluate effectiveness of RtI process (Is it providing the instruction that improves student outcomes?)

    · Determine and allocate resources to support the teachers’ implementation of programs (time, personnel, etc.)

    · Follow/implement the Department of Education (DOE) Guidelines in the CSSU Notebook

    District Curriculum Coordinators and Leadership Teams

    · Identify and evaluate instructional programs used in the district for tiered levels of instruction/intervention

    · Identify needed scientifically researched-based interventions

    · Monitor the overall progress of RtI implementation in the area of their expertise

    · Provide support/training for teachers to successfully implement RtI

    Participants (Teachers, Student Service and Instructional Support Staff)

    · Determine and implement Tier I core curriculum/programs

    · Responsible for appropriate universal benchmark screenings three times per year

    · Responsible for input of data from benchmark screenings

    · Review data from benchmark screenings

    · Share data with teaching team to determine which students receive Tier II intervention and frequency of progress monitoring

    · Plan/coordinate Tier II instruction

    · Use ongoing progress monitoring data to make necessary adjustments

    · Communicate student’s status with parents

    · Responsible for communicating to the administration a need for additional resources to successfully meet needs of students


    · Review data and discuss recommended intervention with the teacher

    · Maintain an attitude of consensus building

    · Collaborate with the teachers regarding any outside supports (before or after school, homework, tutoring, etc.)

Last Modified on January 28, 2011