• Chittenden South Supervisory Union:     Tiered Literacy Instruction for All Students

    This document was created by the CSSU RtI Leadership Team to assist teachers in delivering effective literacy instruction to all students.   The instructional approaches listed include those that are currently being used in our CSSU buildings.   Additional programming options are also listed for addressing identified needs of students.

    CSSU RtI Leadership Team  3/11  

    Phonemic AwarenessFluencyComprehension
    Phonics & DecodingVocabularyWord Study


    When using this document, please keep in mind:

    ·         The lines between Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III interventions are not always “black and white”. 

    ·         Depending on the needs and the grade level of a student…..the interventions may be different.

    ·         This document is only a GUIDE for providing options for interventions.   Instructional decisions for student programming are made in conjunction with additional information about the student.


    If you would like more information about a program listed, at a particular school, please feel free to a member of their CSSU RtI Leadership team or the school’s literacy coordinator. 

    Charlotte Central School:   Greg Marino,  Shannon Spellman,  Mary Muroski, Colleen Brady

    Hinesburg Community School:   Bob Goudreau, Betsy Knox,  Cheryl Eichen,  Jessica Wilson,  Barbara Hodge,             Sally Feussner

    Shelburne Community School:   Allegra Miller, Carol Cavanaugh,  Amy Hazen

    Williston Central School:  John Terko, Carter Smith,  Carol Huntington,  Joan Beato, Cheryl Thomas, Joy Peterson,    Katie Cuttitta

    CSSU:   Fran Williams, Molly McClaskey, Katie Wisse, Cindy Cole, Rich Reid, Jessica Wilson


    Sources:  RtI Leadership Team discussions,  Janna Osman (DOE).

Last Modified on May 9, 2011