• Williston Central School
    5-8 Chorus Program
                                       Karla Kennedy, Director

    Chorus is an elective class offered to 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade musicians interested in singing in a large ensemble. Rehearsals are held two-three times weekly from 11:50-12:30, and students are expected to arrive on-time and ready to sing! The rehearsal schedule is:
    Mondays: 7/8 Chorus
    Tuesdays: 5/6 Chorus
    Wednesdays: 7/8 Chorus
    Thursdays: 5/6 Chorus
    Fridays: 7/8 Chorus (The students will attend this rehearsal once-a-month on a rotating basis.) 
    The 5th graders will follow this Tuesday/Thursday schedule:
    If a 5th grader is only in chorus, they will come both days.
    If a 5th grader is in band and chorus, they will go to band on Tuesday and chorus on Thursday.
    Concerts are held in December and May for 5th-8th grade
    and a separate March theme concert for 7th and 8th graders. 

    In addition to preparation of music for performances, rehearsals include a vocal warm-up with attention to the development of good habits in breathing and posture. Students in the choruses will be exposed to a wide variety of music- spanning from many cultures, religions and languages.


    Varietones is a select choral ensemble offered for 7th and 8th grade chorus members on an auditioned basis. Varietones rehearsals are held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00-3:45. Occasionally, students may be asked to come in for a lunch time rehearsal- typically, these extra rehearsals are held in the few weeks before a concert. Varietones performs on all three concerts throughout the year- and may have further performance opportunities.
    Additional singing opportunities for 7th and 8th graders consist of selection for membership in Varietones, as well as the District Festival Chorus, both by audition only. Students interested in participating in these extra activities must be members of 7th and 8th grade chorus, and have outstanding attendance.
    The District Festival Chorus is an auditioned ensemble for 7-8th grade students in our area. If interested, students may complete an audition with Ms. Kennedy in the fall. The audition consists of performance of a simple round (taught in chorus rehearsals), and a test of range and sight reading.  If accepted, WCS students will have the opportunity to perform with kids from area schools, experience a new conductor, and great new music!


Last Modified on September 29, 2015