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    Welcome to Team Harmony's web-site.  We are comprised of four multi-age 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.  
    Our classroom teachers are Erin Crowley, Maria McCormack, Jessie Stein and Justine Benoit. Our team's special educator is Jamie Saylor. We are also joined by our wonderful paraprofessional, Caitlin Christie, and TA, Sara Dunphy.
    Please come by our team space and say "hello".

    Our team name has many different meanings. 
    The term originates in the Greek "harmonía", meaning "joint,agreement, concord". In Ancient Greek music, the term was used to define the combination of contrasted elements: a higher and lower note.

    The term "Harmony" also means "internal calm and tranquility" (according to Merriam Webster). It further reads, harmony also means "an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative."

    We hope that the different backgrounds and experiences of all of us on our team will enhance the learning opportunities for all students as different perspectives are intertwined into a harmonious common story.

    Please visit the respective teacher's classrooms for access into our digital world of learning by simply clicking on the teacher's name on the left sidebar.  Thank you for visiting!

    Team Harmony

    Click here to see our schedule for 2016-2017.  Please visit each individual teacher's web-page for library times and rotation of related arts.  Thank you. 


Last Modified on September 19, 2016