• Students! Use these resources to help you with your work.
    Inserting Images or Photos Into Your Work:
    (You should always cite your sources!) 
    ImageQuest - ask an adult for the login/password! Click Cite to get the link for your source.
    PhotosForClass - Choose an image, then click download. The image you've downloaded automatically adds the citation (credit) under the image.  Magic!
    Pixabay - once you find a photo you'd like to use, see if it needs to be attributed (given credit). If so, copy the link to use in your bibliography or somewhere in your work.
    Creative Commons  - be thoughtful about which of the little boxes you un-check for your search. You do need to cite your source!

    Looking for information? Doing research?
    A great resource - lots of search sites: Search Tools for Kids

    Inserting Music or Sounds Into Your Work or Project: 
    (Royalty Free means you can use it for free without paying the artist, but you still need to say where you got it from.)
     Jamendo - a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses Purple Planet Music - royalty free music
     Free Music Archive: This website comes with a
    separate area with music for videos. Sift through
    the most recent highlights or filter the contents by
    mood. Search by genre, length or even tempo.
    Make sure to check the license as it will vary.
    WikiMedia - images and sound files.
    Read the quick part on each sound about the rights to use it.
    Very clear permissions.