Welcome to the Alpha Team!

Alpha 5                Alpha 6

Alpha is a fifth and sixth grade team of approximately 100 students and five teachers who cooperate, collaborate, and learn together in a meaningful community. Alpha provides a rich, project based curriculum.   Our goal is to enable each member of the Alpha Team community to develop his/her potential, self-respect, confidence, independence, values, responsibility, and community participation.
We accomplish this by:
  • Maintaining a shared vision among all of us, students, parents, and teachers
  • Creating a spirit of community among students, parents, and staff
  • Providing learning opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, and meet the needs of individual members
  • Developing and implementing an integrated program that is interdisciplinary, project oriented, and standards driven
  • Creating educational experiences that are rich in content
  • Having students demonstrate their learning in more than one way, including project work, presentations, journals, writing, technology, and discussion
  • Using technology as an integral part of the learning process
  • Evaluating ourselves and the program continuously for improvement