Architect Team

 Grade 3
 Classroom Teachers
Ena Jesset
Welcome to our team!Leslie Thayer

 Special Educators

Trish Healy
  Galen Perkins
Para Educators
Katie Carleton
Matt Rodovick 
Karin Small 

  • The Architect team consists of 2 teachers, several para-educators and approximately 40 students. We are committed to developing a community of students who will work together to establish:

    • A sense of belonging and responsibility to each other and to our own learning 
    • Daily celebrations of self and each other‘s unique styles of learning
    • An integrated approach to learning that is interdisciplinary, project oriented and driven by state and local standards and grade level expectations
    • A continuous cycle of assessment and evaluation that informs the teaching and learning cycle

    This year will be an opportunity for us to build the kinds of learning opportunities and interactions that will guide the fourth grade community. We look forward to the commitment of creating a focus that will provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences by collaborating with each other, the students, parents and administration.