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MUSIC NEWS for Fall 2016 !
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* Welcome to Music for the Fall of 2016! Returning students in grades 6-8 will already have their music schedule assigned, and it is based on choices they made earlier in the spring. Any student who wishes to make a change to their music schedule must fill out an Add/Drop form, including parent and teacher signatures, by the deadline date indicated on the form (about 10 days from start of school). See Mr. Smith or Mrs. Littlefield for a copy of the form.
* For new students to CCS, welcome to music and please see any of us, including Mr. Smith, Mrs. Littlefield, or the Omega or Alpha team teachers, to help you make your music choices. In general, students may participate in band, chorus, or both. 6th-8th graders must select at least band or chorus. Those who participate in both will receive extra credit for each of their ensemble grades. Once your schedule is set, you are committed through the Winter Concert. There will be another add/drop opportunity via a "Music Change Form" for the second semester. 
* 2016-17 co-curricular ensembles, all of which meet in the mornings from 7:30-8:10am  and for which students are responsible for their own transportation, include the: 
  • 7/8 Stage Band twice per week on Mondays and Wednesdays (auditioned)
  • 6th Grade Stage Band once per week on Fridays (no audition)
  • 6-8 Grade Concert Choir (auditioned) on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Note: For audition and other information about these ensembles, please see their individual webpages on this music site.  Also note that, in order to participate in a select group, students must also be in the related regular group. For example, to be in Stage Band, they must also be in Concert Band; and, to be in Concert Choir, they must also be in regular Chorus. 
Please feel free to contact Monica Littlefield at or 425-6629 or Andy Smith at of 425–6653 if you have any questions!
The CCS Music Teachers are: 
  • Mr. Andrew (Andy) Smith, teaching: 
    • All Bands, Band Lessons, and General Music for Grades 4-8
  • Mrs. Monica Littlefield, teaching: 
    • General Music classes for Grades PreK-4 and All Choruses 
CCS Music offerings include:
  •  Required General Music classes for grades:
    • Early Essential Ed (PreK) 1x/wk for 30 min
    • Kindergarten (K) 2x/wk for 35 min
    • 1-4 all year 2x/wk for 40 min
    • 5 all year 1x/wk for 50 min
Note: General Music Classes are required for grades PreK-5. The schedule permits students in 5th grade also to be in band and/or chorus. In grades 6-8, students must select at least one music elective, which can be band, chorus, or both.    
  • Concert Band (optional) for grades:
    • 5, 1x/wk small group lesson and 2x/wk rehearsals (25 and 50 min)
    • 6, 1x/wk small group lesson and 1x/wk full rehearsal (50 min)
    • 7/8, 1x/wk small group lesson and 2x/wk full rehearsal (50 min)
  • Chorus (optional) for grades:
    • 5/6 Chorus, Every week all year for 50 min
    • 7/8 Chorus, 2x/wk all year for 50 min 
  • Select groups (optional) for band and chorus including:
    • 7/8 Stage Band (meets Wed and Thur from 7:30am-8:10am)
    • 6-8 Grade Concert Choir (meets Mon and Tue from 7:30am-8:10am)
    • 6th Grade Stage Band (meets Friday from 7:30-8:10am
                Note: Transportation to school for these groups is not provided by                 school bus. Let us know if you have transportation concerns. 
  • Possible participation in the following regional festivals:
    • District III Music Festival for Band or Chorus
    • ACDA Children's Honor Choir Festival
    • Johnson State Jazz Festival
    • CSSU Jazz Festival
    • Discover Jazz Festival
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