What is a Student Assistance Program?

    Student Assistance Programs can be found in schools throughout the country and in Vermont.  An SAP program is designed to but not limited to identify students dealing with their own or someone else's  substance use problems, intervene and when necessary, and refer them to community agencies for more specialized care if appropriate.  The SAP program is also concerned with building developmental assets and reliency and delivering prevention education in the classroom and student leadership programs.
    What can an SAP Counselor do for my family?
    • provide educational materials on adolescent substance use
    • direct families to appropriate resources to meet the needs of the family
    • meet with concerned students and families
    What can an SAP Counselor do for my school?
    • support students who are at risk or struggling with substance related issues
    • provide classroom substance abuse prevention curricula
    • complements existing programs to promote health and wellness
    • train school staff to identify and support troubled students
    • act as advisor for Project LEAD (see LEAD page under student activities - coming soon)
    What can an SAP Counselor do for my community?
    • responds to the needs of their own school/communities needs based on local data
    • work with community resources to develop services for students

    Find out more from the Vermont Depatrment of Health or the Association of Student Assistance Professional in VT.

    The SAP program for CSSU is supervised through our district prevention coalition, Connecting Youth (CY). Find out more about the exciting programs coordinated by CY including CVU Access ograms, Mentoring, SAP, Improv and more.


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