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    Student Support Team
    Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

    Behavioral Support:

        At SCS we know that a safe, caring, respectful and orderly environment is an integral part of the learning process and a factor in student success.  Adults maintain consistent, common language & practices across settings to address school-wide expectations before, during and after school.

        Our goal is that students learn and develop the skills needed to independently make positive choices, learn from their mistakes and work cooperatively with others.  Though teachers, paraprofessionals and staff are trained in respectful and effective methods to intervene with and redirect unexpected behaviors, students may need additional support and guidance in gaining and maintaining these skills.  The Student Support Team, which consists of the Behavior Coordinator/ Coach, the Student Support Center Directors and the Behavior Specialist, reinforces appropriate behavior and supports the student to change or replace patterns of unexpected behavior.
    The Shelburne Community School Student Behavior Support team is:
      Yasamin Gordon- Student Support Center Co- Director  ygordon@cssu.org
      Rachael Oberst- Student Support Center Co- Director  roberst@cssu.org
      Brett DiVenere- Behavior Coordinator / Coach  bdivenere@cssu.org 
      Sue Schafer- Behavior Interventionist  sschafer@cssu.org
       Zachary Killian-  Behavior Interventionist  zkillian@cssu.org 
    The Student Support Center:
      The Student Support Center located in the SCS office area, is a place where students can safely and confidentially problem solve upper Tier 2 & Tier 3 challenges, report any concerns they might have and learn to make positive choices. Students can be referred to the Student Support Center when they have shown that they need additional support in maintaining SCS's School Wide behavioral expectations, and may be referred to at any point through out the day by any adult member of the school community.  
                                                    SSC Process
    Tier Three Behaviors in the Student Support Center
    • Goal(s):

      • Identify the effects of Tier 3 behaviors on the school environment.  

      • Create a plan of action with specific outcomes

      • Agree on how success will be measured (improvement, not perfection)

    • Team meeting without student to review the incident and explore alternatives (teacher, principal, possibly Student Support Team or other adults). * In some instances, there may be a possibility of suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of the behavior(s).  

    • Possible Parent meeting to discuss outcomes of the team meeting

    • Meeting with the student to plan for re-entry to the classroom

     The Student Support Center Directors (along with the school principals) are also responsible for implementing CSSU's Bullying, Harassment and Hazing procedures for any student misconduct that might violate those policies. For more information on CSSU's Policies and procedures, please visit the page for Bullying, Harassment & Hazing on this site.