Do students have to use the meal card?

Yes. Students must use their meal cards for every transaction at the cash register; they greatly increase line speed and transaction accuracy. The meal cards are used to access the student account. Student accounts are intended to be debit accounts and should have money available before making a purchase.

How do students pay for meals?
Students should pre-pay for all food transactions by depositing money on their student account. You can make a deposit in two different ways:
1. Cash or checks (made payable to WSD Cafeteria) attached to a completed Pre-Payment Form mailed or delivered to the school. Please note that any charges incurred from returned checks will be passed on to the household from which the check originated.
2. Online payment through .

How do Adults pay for meals?
Parents wishing to join their students for lunch are very welcome, but should come prepared to pay for their meal with exact cash. Adult meals can not be deducted from student accounts according to regulations of the Vermont Child Nutrition Program, which oversees school food service programs.
Employees and other frequent diners may request a meal card at the Food Service office. A customer account will be established and a positive balance must be maintained in order to make food purchases.

What happens to account balances at the end of each year?

End of Year Cafeteria Balances

Graduating 8th grade student’s balances will be automatically transferred to CVU. It is very important that 8th graders pay off any negative balance before they graduate because they will not be allowed to make any purchases if they are carrying a negative balance at CVU.

If your graduating 8th grader is not going to go to CVU then please let us know as soon as possible. In that case, we will attempt to transfer any positive account balance to a younger sibling in our district. If that is not possible, we will automatically refund any balance $10 or greater. If your student’s balance is less than $10 you may request a refund in writing or by email to Scott Wagner. Any unrequested balances will be transferred into the WCS Sunshine Fund on 6/29/2012

All other students, positive cafeteria account balances will be carried over to the following year. All negative account balances must be paid before 6/8/2012. Negative account balances cannot be carried by the school district through the summer. All accounts are expected to maintain a zero or positive balance and the district will take reasonable steps to collect outstanding balances.

Please notify us if you will be moving over the summer or not returning for some reason other than graduation.