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“The CSSU mission is to develop citizens who: LEARN actively and collaboratively, THINK creatively and critically,
LIVE responsibly and respectfully, CONTRIBUTE positively to their community, and PURSUE EXCELLENCE in their individual interests."


Adopted Budget:
 FY 13/14
 FY 14/15
 FY 15/16
FY 16/17
 Adopted Budget
Proposed Budget:
 FY 13/14
 FY 14/15
 FY 15/16
 FY 16/17
 Audit FY2012 Audit FY2013 Audit FY2014
  Audit FY2015
Supporting Documents:
 FY 13/14
 FY 14/15
 FY 15/16
 FY 16/17
 Budget Calendar Budget Calendar Budget Calendar  Budget Calendar 
 VT DOE 3 Year Comparison VT DOE 3 Year Comparison VT DOE 3 Year Comparison
  Long Term Debt Schedule Long Term Debt Schedule Long Term Debt Schedule
     5 Year Facility Plan
 Operations & Maintenance Operations & Maintenance 
  CSSU Assessments CSSU Assessments
 CSSU Assessments
 Current Enrollment Current Enrollment
as of November 2015
as of September 2016
 Enrollment Projections Enrollment Projections Enrollment Projections Enrollment Projections
  Baseline Function Baseline Function Baseline Function
  Baseline Object Baseline Object
 Baseline Object
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