Supervision and Evaluation

Paraprofessional Supervision and Evaluation

Teacher Supervision
  • Overview of the CSSU Teacher Supervision & Evaluation Tool.

  • Exemplars - Teacher goals which can be used as guidance in developing the teacher Professional Development Plan (PDP.)

Differentiated Model - Four Tiers


  • Rubrics - Charlotte Danielson's Domains for Teaching

Domain #1 - Planning and Preparation

Domain #2 - Classroom Environment

Domain #3 - Instruction

Domain #4 - Professional Responsibilities Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching" by Charlotte Danielson
ASCD Publications and Components of Professional Practice:

Instructional Specialist Rubric 

School Librarian Rubric

CSSU Teacher Mentor Program

A mentor is assigned to new teachers by the building administrator and receives a contract.
All mentors attend mentor training prior to taking on this role.

New teachers fall into one of the following categories:
  • New to the district and new to teaching
Year 1 and Year 2 - A mentor is provided.
  • New to the district and veteran teacher
Year 1 - A mentor is provided.
Year 2 - It is at the discretion of the administrator what type of support the teacher needs.

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