Thank you for a great basketball season! Please turn your clean uniform in to your coach ASAP! We need them by next Friday!

End of season Mixed B tournament 

We have created 6 mixed teams from all of the B teams. There will be a round robin tournament that will take place over two days from 3-4:30. Each team will play each other team once. The top 4 teams will play in the Semi-Finals and then the top 2 teams will play in the Finals in the last game on Wednesday. Here is a link to your teams and the schedule. It will also be posted on the Athletics bulletin board across from the old gym. Please come dressed to play in your teams color (or we can provide a pinnie for you!) on Monday in the Old Gym at 3:00 where we will take attendance.  

Volleyball sign ups will be posted on the bulletin board Monday-Friday next week! We will be starting after the break on Monday March 6th in the New Gym at 3:00! 

Fall Sports
Cross Country, Field Hockey, and Soccer.
Winter Sports
Volleyball (March Madness) 
Spring Sports
Track and Field, Softball and Baseball
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