• FALL: Boys and girls soccer (A and B teams) (Cross Country Running Boys and Girls)
  • WINTER: Boys and girls basketball (A and B teams)
  • SPRING: Boys baseball and girls softball


The purpose of athletics is to enhance the self-esteem of the individual in a team setting. Thus, participation, and competition level are different on the A and B teams.

The A team is a program for more experienced and more highly skilled players in a more competitive setting. The focus of the B team is instructional and geared towards the developing player. Opportunities to develop skills, learn game concepts, and teamwork are emphasized.

Team placements are made to provide the athlete with the most developmentally appropriate experience. Although all players will receive playing time in every game, on occasion some players may see more game time than others may see.

 For the A or B team, an equal balance of learning, winning, sportsmanship and development of the whole player is emphasized.

It is important to note that if players on either the A or B team are consistently late or absent from practices or if their participation at practice or games is not appropriate, coaches can choose to give more game time to players who have worked hard during practices and have shown appropriate responsibility towards being part of the team.


PRELIMINARY: The coach will hand out a Student Athlete Handbook to each player on the first day of try-outs. Contracts must be signed and returned to the Coach prior to the first game of the season.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of tryouts is to give each 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade player as much opportunity as possible to perform at his or her highest level of performance and to give each player a fair chance to compete equally for a position on the A team.

  1. Eligibility: Students who are in 5th through 8th grade may try out for any interscholastic sport. 

    According to the Vermont Principal's Association, interscholastic sports are primarily for students in grades 5 through 8.  A significant purpose of offering interscholastic sports is to provide an appropriate and competitive team sport experience for middle school students.
  2. Each athlete may choose to try out for the A team or to participate on the B team. Every effort will be made to accommodate all interested participants on the B team level.
  3. In determining which athletes will participate on the A team, coaches will look for the following: skill level, knowledge of the game, attitude and team work.
  4. By the first day of tryouts, all participants will be responsible to have read the Hinesburg Community School Student Athlete Handbook.
  5. The Coaches or Athletic Director will manage tryouts.


  1. Coaches will determine team members based on skill level, knowledge of the game, attitude and teamwork.
  2. Coaches will notify players of team selections by phone.
  3. The Coaches and Athletic Director will make team selections. The Athletic Director will help in “close-call” decisions.
  4. The Athletic Director will approve final team rosters.

Last Modified on October 3, 2014