• New Way to Create a Photo Gallery

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 3/30/2012

    Step 1: Create a New Photo Gallery

    • ·        Login to webpage
    • ·        Go to Site Manager
    • ·        Go to your webpage where you see the list of pages
    • ·         Select Photo Gallery (right side under Common Tools)
    • ·        Click New
    • ·        Name the new photo gallery you will be creating
    • ·        Click Save



    Step 2: Add Photos to this New Gallery

    • ·        You will now see your new gallery name displayed in the list existing ones
    • ·        Select the new gallery and click Edit (right)
    • ·        Click Let’s Get Started
    • ·        Click Upload Photos 
    • ·        Click Browse
    • ·        Select your files(use CTRL A to select all or hold the CRTL key to select individual photos)
    • ·        Click Open
    • ·        Click Upload
    • ·        Next click Publish   



    Step 3: Inserting Gallery into Webpage

    • ·        Go to the page you wish to add the new gallery
    • ·        Put cursor to where you want your gallery to appear
    • ·        Select the icon called Insert Photo Gallery
    • ·        Select the By Type tab
    • ·        Check the gallery you would like to use
    • ·        Click Save
    • ·        Then Save the whole page



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  • Adding Your Email Address

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 9/10/2010 10:00:00 AM

      Here are directions to update or add your email address on the webpage.  Never directly place your email on the webpage, please have it link to our staff directory, so we can keep your email safe from Spam.  If you did this correctly last year, you're all set, your email link will go to your new Gmail account.  Please check your page to see if it works and/or you have a email contact link.

    How to Update Email

    • First go to the HCS webpage/School Information/Staff Directory
    • Type in your name or go to by position
    • When you see (only) your name listed copy the URL at the top- it will be a long obscure URL- http://www.2.cssu.org/20112081247……
    • Go to your page, Sign in, and select Site Manager (this only appears when you are at a page you can edit)
    • Select the page that contains your email information
    • Highlight your “Email Me” or however you phrase it- not ....@cssu.org
    • Select the icon with the world & the link (if starting new) or the world, link & pencil (if editing) 
    • Updating Email: Click the drop down arrow next to Source, select http://
      • Paste the URL you copied from the Staff Directory
      • Go to the beginning of the URL and delete the http:// (otherwise it will be in there twice and will not link properly)
      • Click Insert, Click OK
      • Save Page
    • Adding Email: Highlight "Email Me"
      • Click world & link icon
      • Select Insert a link to a different website
      • Click Next
      • Paste URL (from Staff Directory) in blank box
      • Go to the beginning of the URL and delete the http:// (otherwise it will be in there twice and will not link properly)
      • Click Next
      • Click Insert Link
      • Save Page
    • Check to make sure it links to your name in the Staff Directory
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  • Creating a Photo Gallery

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 1/13/2010 9:35:00 AM

     Add New Photo Gallery

        -Go to Site Manager
        -Click Tools (top of page)
        -Click Photo Gallery
        -Select New Photo Gallery
        -Enter name for the new gallery (and fill out any other information you would like included)
        -Click Save
    Add Photos to this New Gallery
        -Now you will see your new gallery displayed
         -Click Photos
         -Click Batch Upload to do a whole group (Upload Photo does individual pictures)
         -Browse to your pictures, select your files, click Upload Files, then click Finish
         -You can then edit any picture in the edit tab
         -When you all done, click Publish Gallery
    Inserting Gallery into Webpage
         -Go to the page you wish to add the new gallery
         -Put cursor to where you want your gallery to appear.
         -Select little red/orange square postcard looking icon called Insert Photo Gallery
         -Follow directions
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  • Linking To Your Email

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 10/29/2009 11:00:00 AM

    *To add your email on your web page you need to link it to the staff directory, this way we can keep it safe from all those malicious programs that like to collect email address and use them in inappropriate ways.  Please do not directly type in your email address to your page.

    How to Link to Staff Directory 

    Go to the Staff Directory, located on the front page of the HCS web page under Quicklinks (left side bar) and type in your name, click Submit  


    Copy the url at the top of the browser (http://......)


    In site manager, go to your page and type in something like My Contact Information or Email Me 


    Highlight My Contact Information, click on the Insert Link button (World with link icon), choose link to another website and paste the url that you copied. 


    Be sure to remove the http:\\ from the beginning of the link, as the schoolwire's editor already adds it.


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  • Nesting the Side Links

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 10/29/2009 11:00:00 AM
    *You have activated your hierarchy list on the home page, which allows you to nest the side links, but they don't show on your page until you finish the steps.  You have to now add each main link and their sub links.  The links that show on the home page are called Peer Links and the links nestled are called Sub Links.
    How To Add Peer Links: Example
    • Go to Hierarchy List  from Team Page
    • Select Add Link
    • Use drop down arrow from Browse From Link URL to choose the first link you want at the top of the list (Teampage)
    • Click Select URL
    • Write the number 1 in Sequence, (2, 3.. order they appear)
    • Click Add Peer Link
    • Repeat Process for rest of peer links  (Teacher 1, Teacher 2 etc.)
    How to Add Sub Links:
    • Click on the Peer Link you would like to nestle other links in  (left side- you just added, now they appear)
    • Click Add Sub Link at bottom.  When you do this the Move To: (just above) will now contain the name of the Peer Link you will be nestling in.
    • Now choose from the drop down arrow in the Browse For, that first peer link (Math Homework)
    • Click Select URL
    • Write the number in for the sequence
    • Click Add Sub Link
    • Repeat
    • Make sure you always repeat the first and second step of this process or the links will not nestle in the correct spot.
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  • How to move date modified to bottom of text box.

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 8/31/2009 9:00:00 PM

    Issue:  Last modified date wraps around the table, instead of showing at the bottom of the page.

    Solution: In site manager - click on the table - click on the Edit table icon - Edit table Properties - Properties -

    Select the Alignment drop down box - Choose the blank one (at the top) instead of Left.


    Last modified date should now appear under the table.

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  • Schoolwires User Guide: PDF

    Posted by Jessica Wilson at 8/31/2009 8:00:00 PM

    For extra help here is a PDF of the Schoolwires User Guide.

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