Voyager House

Voyager House Mission Statement~

We believe that each student is unique in his or her own social, academic and physical development and that adolescence is a time of great change and exploration into the adult world. As citizens of Voyager House we are dedicated to a student-centered community. We believe that we are all capable, connected, courageous and contributing.

We value:
• Active and engaged learners who develop a sense of academic ownership and the ability to be self-reflective.
• The concept that each student has their own high standards, and strives for their best.
• Emotional, social, and physical safety
• A sense of playfulness, adventure, and fun
• Empathy and understanding
• Respect for ourselves, our community, our space
• Consistency and fairness
• An environment that honors student voice
• Responsibility and ownership for our actions, our thinking, our contributions and our outcomes

As a part of the greater WCS community, we embody the principles of good citizens, good people, and good learners.

Voyager House
Grades 5-8

                                   TA - Katie Fieldsend - 871 - 6148
                                    John Godfrey - 871-6146
                                                   Aron Merrill - 871 - 6144
                                    Martha Quatt - 871 -6147
                                    Colleen O'Brien - 871 - 6145
                                                   Courtney Sherman - 871 - 6149

Last Modified on September 22, 2016