Type to Learn 4 Available for Home Use


We are using Type to Learn 4 at school to teach keyboarding. Students have individual accounts to log into the program. This program is web-based. Students may use the program from any computer that has the TTL4 client installed on it. You may install the client on your home computer too. The program is fairly large (1g +), but it is safe. By installing the program, your student can practice at home and his/her progress will be recorded on the web-based server, providing integration with the progress at school.


To download and install the program, go to http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads/and install the full version –web version.


Your student’s login name is the firstnamelastname (up to 15 letters, no spaces). The password is their first name. You will have to enter our account code the first time logging in. The account code is:  102904

There will be a few DVDs with the application on it for those who do not have high-speed internet access. These will be available on a loan basis. Please contact your child’s teacher if you’d like to borrow one of these to try out the program. It must be returned the next day so that others can borrow it as well.


We will not provide technical support for the installation or use of this program. We will help students make sure they have the proper usernames and passwords and that they can successfully use the program at school.