The SCS Math Center  2016-17          We love math!!

John Madden, Carol Specht, Patty Pauza, and Lynda Maitland (not pictured)
If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. ~Ignacio Estrada

Youcubed - a math resource for ALL! 
Fluency Without Fearthis article discusses how to help children improve fact knowledge and includes GAME IDEAS.
FASTt Math & Fraction Nation                                                                      XtraMath

John Madden, Math Coordinator, together with support staff members Patty Pauza and Carol Specht
work in the following areas:
  •           K-8 intervention and enrichment for students
  •           Work with educators to differentiate math concepts and skills

  •           Evaluate, locate and create classroom resources
  •           Support local assessment and use data to inform instruction                                                             
  •                                                                                                             Pi Plate