Volleyball Club

WHO: Grades 6 – 8, boys and girls mixed. 

WHEN: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (1 Sat)

START DATE: Monday March 6th.

Games will be played on Wednesdays starting on March 15th at ABS. The club will host at ABS to play games that will be played from 4 – 6. This year we will be playing A and B games. Teams will be determined week by week. There will be one Saturday Tournament day at Essex High School on April 1st.                                                                                                          

Rules for Round Robin play days 

The club will be coached by a team of coaches including:  Mike Detch, Nadine Paffett-Lugassy and CVU players.

You must have your Health Form signed by a parent to stay after school. The Athletic forms may be found on the school’s web site under Athletics/ Forms (Health, Concussion, Academic, Team) or you can pick up forms in the front office. 

Contact Nadine with any questions nlugassy@cssu.org or 871-6180

Volleyball opportunities this summer!