CSSU Technology Use Guidelines for Students (TUGS)


Using technology correctly and responsibly is very important. I always need to act as a safe, secure, and responsible cyber-citizen. The key word to remember is RESPECT!


The following are some basic expectations for my use of technology:

I will respect myself.

  • I will use technology in a safe manner.

  • I will never give out my personal information.

  • I will talk to a trusted adult whenever I feel uncomfortable or need help.

I will respect the rights of others.

  • Passwords will only be shared with the teacher or a parent/guardian.

  • No user is to try to discover another user’s password.

  • No student user is permitted to access another user’s files, unless shared.

  • No user is to create, view, or forward offensive or disruptive sounds, text, images, or video.

  • Treat others online as you would like to be treated.

  • Students will not take pictures, record voices, or capture video of others without teacher permission.

I will respect the technology.

  • Take good care of our equipment and use it as it is intended to be used. To help all users, keep settings in place on shared equipment.

  • Never try things that you are not trained or permitted to do.  

  • Devices that I bring from home are my responsibility. The school is not responsible for personal devices that are broken or stolen.

I will respect the law.

  • Students will not copy work and call it their own.

  • Always give proper credit to the creator for words, images, or videos included in your work.

  • Do not spread viruses or knowingly disrupt the online environment.

I will respect the purpose of school technology.

  • Non-educational games and personal use are not allowed on school equipment.

  • All work stored on school equipment belongs to the school and may be accessed by school personnel.

If I use technology in a way that is inappropriate/unsafe for myself or others, my access may be suspended until I have a plan for successful use.


If I violate any school or district rules through my use of technology, I may have my technology access suspended. I might also face other disciplinary and/or legal actions.