7/8 Chorus
The Bells
Durme, Durme (full performance with vocals)
Durme, Durme
Durme, Durme
Durme, Durme
Durme, Durme
Ticket to the Kingdom
no good recording
The 12 Days After Christmas
5/6 Chorus
Snow Is Falling
no good recording
Swinging Jazzy Saints 
Wake Me Up
7/8 Chorus
No Day But Today (Original Rent version)
Niska Banja (amazing performance from American Boychoir)
5/6 Chorus
The Path To The Moon
It's Time (lyric video)
Let It Grow (from The Lorax)
Elijah Rock (full recording)
March 2013
Bohemian Rhapsody (great recording by White Station High School)
December 2012
7/8 Chorus
Baby, What You Goin' To Be?
Ocho Kandelikas (a couple minor variations at end)
Ja-Da Not quite our version, but really cute and really good! They're a bit younger than us:)
Blood Brothers (the original)
Viva La Vida (only about 1:30, but enough to practice with-click on "Sample Audio")
Ha Shalom
Let It Snow/Winter Wonderland (there are a couple slight variations from our version)
5/6 Chorus
Jingle Bell Dash
When I Close My Eyes
Hanerot Halalu
Good Time (karaoke version)
May 2012
7/8 Chorus
Si Tu Suenas (our version-great recording)
Seasons of Love (our version with some embellishments)
Turtle Dove (the version we are singing-okay quality)
Turtle Dove (professional version by the Cambridge singers of England-thanks MB for finding this!)
Rhythm Of Life (This is the best link I can find. Ours is way shorter and we don't sing the material from 1:13-1:41 or from minute 2:02-2:50 and our ending is nowhere as dramatic!) 
Africa (short clip of our version-it is not a cappella)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (beautiful version by Delano High School Choir-it is not a cappella, but it is our version)
5/6 Chorus
There's Room For Many-A-More
Jubilate Deo (best version I could find!)
One Day
Districts 2013:
The Storm Is Passing Over (full recording)
Away From The Roll Of The Sea (beautiful recording)
Niska Banja (amazing performance from American Boychoir)
Sing and Rejoice (most of the song is here)
Districts 2012:
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